PRTG Manual: PRTG Status—Activation Status

To view the status of your PRTG installation, select Setup | PRTG Status from main menu. Click on the tabs to change the different settings.

PRTG Status Tabs

PRTG Status Tabs

You can view the following aspects of the PRTG status:

Activation Status

Click on the Activation Status tab to view your license's activation status. For more information about activation, please see Activate the Product section.

Licensed Edition

Shows the edition of the license you're currently using. If you're running a PRTG cluster, this will show information for the system of the cluster node you're currently logged in to.

Current Activation Status of Your Software License

Shows the activation status of your software license. Usually, this should show Activation OK. Only if the core server cannot connect directly to the internet, a manual activation is required. Note: In a cluster installation, the license on every cluster node will be activated separately.

Last Message About Activation

Shows the last message regarding the activation of your license.

Current Activation Stamp

Shows an internal activation stamp code.




There are some settings that have to be made in the System Administration Tools, available as native Windows applications. For more details, please see sections:



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